Features & Tokenomics


With SafeWorld, you will earn rewards just by holding the token on your wallet. ๐Ÿค‘ A fixed 5.6% of all transactions are distributed to holders. ๐Ÿค‘ Hold-and-Profit: Watch your tokens increase and profit as soon as you begin holding.
Token Tax (8%) redistribution: -> 70% distributed to investors. -> 20% for Token burns. -> 10% for liquidity provision.


SafeWorld will have multi-chain support since its launch. From day 1, SafeWorld is available on: -> BSC -> Polygon โ„น๏ธ WorldSwap's Istanbul bridge will allow to move tokens between chains.

Limited Supply and Hyper-Deflationary

โœ… Zero-Emission: New SafeWorld Tokens cannot be created โœ… Auto-burns, on-chain games and a NFT market will constantly reduce the SafeWorld supply.

Bonus rewards on WorldSwap-Ecosystem Farms

SafeWorld LPs will be available with a 0% deposit fee on all future farms in our ecosystem. This will benefit farmers with extra rewards in top of distributions and token holders with extra liquidity. Users use SafeWorld tokens to setup a cross-edition profile to keep their achievements on different games, this will increase token burnings even more.

Automatic loan provider

SafeWorld incorporates an innovative feature by which anyone can borrow tokens without putting up any collateral, as long as the tokens are returned to the protocol within the same transaction. This feature benefits both arbitragers and token holders: Arbitragers can benefit from risk-free profits by exploiting price differences between two or more markets; Token holders benefit as this feature will burn tokens each time is used, constantly reducing the circulating supply.
Last modified 4mo ago