King of the city
king of the city, is a 100% decentralized strategy game, where anyone can become the King.

How to play?

King of the city has a countdown timer which resets on each bid. Bid is in edition tokens and it goes into the King balance, allowing you to become the current king. When the timer reaches zero, the current king wins the game. Before another game can starts the timer to next game must be on 0. Important Note: When the King clicks on claim or the round is finished, 50% from the pot will be send it to the Kin's wallet.
Approve the contract
Fist bet
Bet the minimum or whatever you want
Claim tokens or reset game

Winningโ€™s distribution?

When the countdown timer ends, King balance will be distributed as follows:
  • 50% credited instantly to winnerโ€™s address (last bidder).
  • 20% carries over to the next round.
  • 30% is burned automatically.
Important Note: All bids are final. Your tokens cannot be returned after bidding.
Last modified 4mo ago