There are plenty of scammers trying to impersonate us. Please remember that the WorldSwap Team will never DM you first to ask for something.
When getting in contact with our Team, always double and triple check our identities.

WorldSwap Finance Core Team:

John (@YetAnotherDeFiDevWS) Core Developer
The big brain behind WorldSwap
John breathes WorldSwap 24x7. He spends the vast majority of his time on full-stack development and Tokenomics/incentives design tasks. He's the big brain behind many new features.
Domenico (@DomenicoWS) Core Developer
Highly talented young blood.
Domenico is the hardcore nerd among us. Super highly skilled, yet still pretty young, he's a big fan of developing new features and challenging all standards. He says that he sleeps from time to time. But there's no much empirical evidence to back this claim.
Moniq (@moniqWS) Core Developer
Green-haired Whale & Bot hunter
Moniq has been hunting liquidity whales and fighting bots for CeFi companies for quite some time. Big fan of high-performant code, she's the one making all the difficult questions when we brainstorm projects, ideas and goals.
James (@james007ws) Core Developer
Not Just a Pretty Face
Whilst not very active in the community, James work is without any doubt enjoyed by each and every WorldSwap user and investor. With tons of expertise on Full-Stack Development, James is always working from behind the curtains, building lots of the new features that we bring up Edition after Edition. His influence into the WorldSwap Ecosystem is hard to exagerate.
Alucard (@AlucardxWS) Design Master
Crypto-vampire in disguise
Highly creative and talented, Alucard has been designing NFTs, artwork and general media for DeFi companies for a while. When it comes to WorldSwap's image, art and creations, he's the one who always bring new creative and awesome ideas. Pro-Tip: Alucard is always sharing nice surprises, memes and previews into new NFTs in the Telegram Community discussion group, don't miss them out ๐Ÿ˜‰
Paul (@PaulPWS) Community Ninja
Wearing facemasks even before COVID-19
Paul is the younger member of the WorldSwap Family. But don't let him trick you, he's actually the one keeping all the WorldSwap family in line. With a big head full of ideas, and a big fan of team building activities, he's the ninja WorldSwap was needing.
Jeff (@Jeff_Reymundus) Community Guru
A brilliant brain powered by a big hart.
Jeff is WorldSwap's Community Guru. He has been working in many DeFi projects during the last couple years, and when we asked him to join the team, he jumped straight into the boat. With a big heart, and always willing to help, he's everyone's go-to choice when it comes to smart conversations and project's insight.
Nourza (@Nourza_WS) Community Jedi
Young, cheerful and full of energy, Nourza joined the WorldSwap Team to help us fight against spammers, scammers and various evils. His main goal as a Community Jedi is to bring help and shelter to all community members. Almost as curious as talented, he is also one of WorldSwap's content writers, and is always looking forward to new ideas to write about ;) He doesnโ€™t like bad vibes, at all, and prefers when the chat is chill and cheeful, with everyone respecting each other.
Emmaking (@Davidsmart44) Community Elder
Emmaking is a talented and well experienced Community manager. He has harnessed a lot of knowledge in the DeFi world before joining Worldswap. He is a die hard fan of DeFi and cryptocurrency at large. While on chat, he is friendly and also a hunter of the Fudders ๐Ÿ˜
ko1 (@koasiong) Community Mystic
ko1 used to work for a global bank for many years in a corporate sales role. He first discovered crypto in 2017 when he bought the top. It wasnโ€™t until Feb 2021 that he went full time into Crypto and became a long term bull. This coincides with his discovery of the fascinating world of DeFi. Over time, he sees himself as a humble yield farmer. As he dives deeper, his curiosity and desire to learn about the space lands him into his CM role with WorldSwap, an opportunity he is grateful and thankful for.
Brahman (@BrahmanWS) Community Shaman
Super friendly, optimistic and with crazy amounts of willingness to help everyone, Brahman is WorldSwap's beloved Shaman. With an extensive skillset among a wide range of different areas, his past experience in the IT industry turned him into an exceptional member of the WorldSwap family. Just be warned: he might enchant you with deep conversations and shamanic spells ๐Ÿ˜‰
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