WorldSwap FAQ
Here you can find a collection of Frequently Asked Questions and doubts from WorldSwap's community members.
This section will be regularly updated in order to reflect new questions that arise in our official discussion groups:


Why multiple-editions?

A multiple-edition farm (MEF) is the next generation of layered farming. The aim is to support constantly high APRs. Editions will support each other and avoid the deflating high issue that most farms experience.
One of the biggest issues with layered farms is that they tend to hide out the previous layer. This means that most people end up loosing money. By running multiple-editions, we ensure every edition has high exposure, while at the same time keeping super-high APYs in all new cities.
Each new city will provide super high APRs, while old farms will provide lower APRs but more price stability. Investors who are looking for more risk exposure and really high APRs can always take advantage of new Cities, while more conservative investors can always farm and stake in older Cities. In addition to this, all the cities will be cross-feeding on each other and into the whole WorldSwap ecosystem. For example, it's possible to to stake tokens from old cities into the new ones, this way investors can enjoy higher APRs, while holding/staking less volatile tokens.

New City, new Token?

Exactly! Each new city will have their own native token. When the new cities are launched your Tokens from previous editions will of course still be very useful, as we are not removing old cities and farms, they will continue generating profit, but APRs will be lower and volatility will be reduced in older cities. As the user base and liquidity locked in the platform grows, the APR will naturally decrease.
On top of this, you will also be able to stake your Tokens from previous Editions in the latest ones, enjoying higher APY while at the same time keeping a more stable token.

How is WorldSwap Rug-Pull safe?

WorldSwap's implements a 4-Layer Audit schema:
  • WorldSwap's Code Audit: All WorldSwap's smart contracts were audited by Techrate. The complete audit report can be found in the audit menu.
  • Code Trustability (Codebase Audit): WorldSwap's contracts are clones of GooseDefi contracts, which have also been audited, and have been tested over and over many times, both in GooseDefi implementation, and also in the many forks there're currently in existance.
  • Community-reviewed: All new cities/farms are tested and included in RugDoc's Review platform. We're big fans of the RugDoc community, and we believe they're bringing a lot of value to the DeFi ecosystem. RugDoc's insight about projects safety is really awesome, and we make a priority to be checked and reviewed by them before launching new projects.
  • 24-hour Timelock: In most projects this is set up to 6-12h, but we implemented a 24h Timelock to give WorldSwap's investors an extra safety net. Ownership chain: the Timelock contract is the owner of the MasterChef contract, and MasterChef is the owner of the Token contract. This ensures that the dev team doesn't have any special permissions that might allow them to rug pull. This 24-hour Timelock means that any change made by the team (like adding a new LP, or updating emission rates) takes 24 hours to take effect. As of user's funds and liquidity, there is no locking period, and investors are able to pull their funds at any given point, without any time lock or restriction.

Fair launch?

YES! Farm starting block is pre-announced and opens for all the same time. No private farming. There is also no presale or dev team allocation. All the pre-minted tokens will be used for liquidity and this won't be removed.

Anti-Bot, Anti-Whale?

We run many experiments using a private fork of BSC before each launch. We make sure whales couldn't exploit the system, which is the case with most new farms. In order to accomplish this, we launch all new Cities/Farms with low liquidity levels and only 1000 Tokens pre-minted. If a whale would try to buy a significant number of tokens in anticipation, the price impact would make it very expensive. By implementing this, we make sure that most part of all Tokens in circulation are the result of people farming, and not bot's abuses. As good nerds, we're are always monitoring all WorldSwap's contracts, and we saw whales trying to buy in as soon as we launched each ones of WorldSwap's editions, but we stopped them each and every time :-)

How do I get Tokens with such a low liquidity?

Due to the anti-bot measures, the best way to get Tokens is to split your orders. Alternatively, you could buy a bit less of what you initially intended, and start farming to generate more Tokens.

Should I HODL or should I FARM?

Farm tokens are not intended to be held at a wallet like Bitcoin, for instance. Instead, Tokens are intended to be kept in the farms and pools, so as long as the APY is higher than the inflation rate of the token, you would be making a profit.

When next city/farm?

We're releasing one new City per week. Each one including new features :)

Are those super high APRs true? Will they always be this high?

APR will organically decrease as time goes by, in relationship with the amount of liquidity locked in the platform. This is why joining Farms early is better to enjoy the high APRs. As more people join new cities, APR will start going down. This is how all AMMs work, so it's the case for WorldSwap and every other project out there, of course.

How to calculate WorldSwap's LP values?

To check the value of your LPs, you can use the following tool:โ€‹
When requested the MasterChef address. you need to enter:
  • For Dublin: 0xE95eF3eda9a6e2eB1366f4bF27AF4DA292e8464C
  • For Amsterdam: 0x3E2118f6d334cd561df5F188E67B5352C9b21d97
  • For Paris: 0xBa27993b84C2E13b15736f1F2630244Ee9322d4F
  • For Madrid: 0x28819fB261DC94b313fDBf41eD9a216EDEFb2Da1

How does the Referral system work?

Every time your referral makes a harvest, you'll automatically get 10% deposited directly into your wallet. At the moment you can easily verify this by checking your address in bscscan, and checking your incoming City-Token transactions. In the future we'll also implement an internal dashboard, where you'll be able to see this and many more stats from within WorldSwap's website.

Why every time I stake more Tokens my harvest gets empty?

It's not emptying per se, when you stake more, you're automatically harvesting those already generated rewards, and they're deposited into your wallet :)

How much slippage should I use to buy?

It mostly depends on the amount of liquidity when you are buying/selling. WorldSwap is still a small platform, so we would suggest the following slippage settings:
  • Between 3% and 5% of slippage for DUB, AMS, CDG and HND.
  • Between 15% and 20% of slippage for MAD and all Farms including WorldSwap's redesigned anti-whale measures and tax.
The slippage is a limit on the difference you are willing to accept from the price displayed on PancakeSwap at the time you make the swap. A smaller slippage will make your transaction more likely to fail. Setting a higher slippage doesn't mean you are directly getting 5% less Tokens, as it will always give you the best possible price. The main difference between using 1% and 5% of slippage is that using 1% the transaction will fail if the difference in price is larger than this threshold. For example: if you set a 5% slippage tolerance, but the real difference in price is only 1.3%, you will only get the 1.3% difference. Not being affected by the 5% you chosed as maximum slippage.

What's WorldSwap's burn policy?

WorldSwap's Second Edition (Amsterdam) is the first one to implements a shiny new auto-burn feature, which was requested by the community during our First Edition (Dublin). In addition to this we're also performing recurrent burns every 4-6 hours. These burns are not automatic, and depends mostly on platform activity and fees. Basically we're burning as much as possible, as often as possible. Burn transactions for all City-Tokens can be verified in the Tokenomics menu.

When new features?

We will be implementing new features on each new WorldSwap Edition, by doing this we're building upon and improve previous farms, there are big plans for WorldSwap ahead!
For example, the new features included Amsterdam (WorldSwap's 2nd edition) are:
  • A brand new Referral system.
  • Support for 4 new tokens requested by the community: VAI, DOT, ADA and LINK.
  • Auto burn for users with non-referrals.

Who's the team behind WorldSwap?

We are anonymous for now. But we have no problem going public after incorporating the right legal structure. Normally, this involves a governance token with a non-profit organization. The non-profit would be legally required to work in the best interest of token holders. A few projects like MarketDao and 1inch were able to incorporate this type of structures successfully.

CoinGecko? CoinMarketCap? Vfat?

Every time we launch a new edition we apply for these platforms and many other ones. It usually takes a bit of time to get listed there, but our intention is to list all city Tokens as they launch. We believe the faster one to list us is always going to be BSCScan, as they usually are quite fast listing token info, branding, icon image and the likes.
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