- Community Manager [FT]
We are one of the most innovative and agile teams in the crypto industry. WorldSwap's global team is distributed across different regions and time zones.
Weโ€™re looking for an enthusiastic, self-motivated Community Manager to help us build the next generation of yield farms. As a Community Manager for WorldSwap's community, you will gain ownership over our Telegram Discussion Group, being part of a team of Admins, Devs, Community Managers and Mods who work spread across multiple time-zones to provide round-the-clock support for users and investors. You will be responsible for ensuring a safe and healthy environment, providing consistent high-quality information when questions and doubt arise. Responsibilities
  • Provide high-quality information when users and investors have questions regarding WorldSwap's products.
  • Maintain a highly degree of participation in the Community.
  • Give basic support to users when they have standard DeFi-related issues (e.g: An investor don't know how to set slippage to buy a Token in Pancakeswap).
  • Excellent English written skills.
  • Full Time availability (48h/week).
  • Knowledge and experience in DeFi: Ideally have farmed before, and knows the basics of yield farming.
  • A deep understanding of the WorldSwap platform, specifics and launch schema.
  • Prior experience managing Telegram Communities.
  • A desire to be part of a highly innovative Startup with a multi-cultural Team.
Nice to have
  • Lots of love for Rose Bot :-)

How to apply?

  • In other Job Descriptions we request to apply with a Resume sent over e-mail, but this is a Community Manager position, so please apply with a DM to @PaulPWSโ€‹
  • You can remain anonymous, of course, but please provide us as much information as possible to verify your background and previous expertise.
We look forward to your application!
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