When using yield farms you may be exposed to different risks, which include:
  • When you provide liquidity you are at risk of an impermanent loss.
  • When you buy a token your capital is at risk. Some tokens are volatile and can quickly gain or lose value.
  • When you stake in farms or pools with deposit fee, you are at risk of being unable to recover the fee paid.
  • Even though we did our best making sure our contracts and the platform are secure and we use standard contracts, an exploit could potentially be found.
Always do your own research and never risk more than you can lose.
*** Farm tokens are not intended to be held at a wallet like Bitcoin, for instance. Instead, Tokens are intended to be kept in the farms and pools, so as long as the APY is higher than the inflation rate of the token, you would be making a profit. Pools and LPs give rewards at a much higher APR than the inflation rate. In previous WorldSwap Editions many early investors recovered their deposit fees in only a matter of minutes. The incurred ROI depends on the strategy followed, and the risk tolerance.
Last modified 5mo ago
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