We're constantly brainstorming and building new features to support city-Tokens buybacks and burns.

Short term

  • Branding and logo redesign.
  • Techrate Audit.
  • Community Audits: each City released is independently audited prior to their launch.
  • Complete Front-End redesign from scratch: complete revamp and migration of Dublin's dApp for scaling and branding purposes.
  • Guaranteed weekly launches: Prepare and launch new editions to provide always-high APYs. Each edition will bring new features and learnings from past Cities.
  • Team development and growth: 7 new hirings + new open positions.
  • Referral system development.
  • Community initiatives, contests, votings and polls.
  • Multi-Chain support:
    • BSC Launches: European cities.
    • Polygon (Matic) Launches: Asian cities.
  • Rolling-upgrade for Multipliers.
  • Deposit fee reduction structure (rolling upgrade).
  • Auto-Burn 1.0: Feature developed and applied for non-referrals.
  • Snapshot-based Airdrop rewards for investors.
  • Tokenomics Redesign: Anti-Whale (supply-based) tx & Token dump rejection system.
  • Auto-Burn 2.0: Tax-based auto-burn feature, design and implementation.
  • Lottery: wBNB and wMATIC Lottery to support City-Token buybacks.
  • Re-engineered Token Sale Schema to guarantee fixed-price access for community members.
  • City/Farm Lifecycle Policy: definition and implementation (WorldSwap Ecosystem 2.0).
  • Time-restricted deposits for non native Tokens.
  • Special Gamified Editions
  • Contract-based decreasing Emission Rate policy (Lifecycle-based)
  • Auto-Liquidity feature (tax-based)
  • New on-chain games implemented into all editions, to increase Token burns.
  • WRLD Token: A deflationary token with tx fees distributed to holders.
  • Auto-compounding feature.

Mid Term

  • Cross-chain bridge (Istanbul release).
  • Liquidity migration, partnerships and integration with popular dex aggregators.
  • Initial World Offerings (IWO): Establish partnerships to leverage WorldSwap's broad expertise developing and recurrently launching multi-chain DeFi products, in order to help other projects launch their own platforms.
  • NFT marketplace: Limited edition City-based NFTs.
  • Prediction Market & on-chain games to support City-Tokens buybacks.
  • WorldSwap Governance: New features and Editions will be voted and prioritized based in WRLD's Governance System (COMP-based implementation).

Long Term

  • Farm Builder: Ever dreamed of building your own yield farm? WorldSwap's no-coding solution has your back!
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